Welcome to A Stylish Blog

Welcome to A Stylish Blog

Πέμπτη 31 Ιουλίου 2014

Extraordinary and Amazing Jewelry of " " Farah Khan" Welcome..........

I have loved them, since the first time I saw them....

Farah Khan launched her own jewellery brand "Farah Khan" in 2004. She designed jewellery for some of the top Bollywood stars and people from India's foremost business families. Internationally Farah Khan has also designed for Swarovski. In June 2009, Farah showcased her designs at the 10th anniversary celebrations of IIFA (The Indian International Film Awards) in Macau where she was the only jewellery designer to singularly have more than 10 Bollywood personalities wear her jewellery on the Green carpet, a feat never achieved before.[2] Farah Khan was awarded the best Jewellery Designer Award by the Lions Gold club in January 2010 and also received the DNA award for society’s most stylish swan.